complete renovation of a private villa
interiors 90 m2; exteriors 1.500 m2
Completion Date:
Photography & Project by FBAA

The renovation of this villa in Ustica has brought with it a series of unbelievable stories , situations that may be collected in a book . Sometimes conquests , sometimes defeats but in the end the tenacity and perseverance over the good fortune to meet intelligent and evolved clients has led to the creation of an amazing restructuring . The venture was starting with the extraordinary structural consolidation : a legendary phrase is always in our mind : ” Miii … I’ve never seen so much iron in the whole island .” Note that Ustica is not equipped with a concrete central and even a traders construction. Couriers now knew ithe constuction site by name .. and … what about the interpretation of the drawings .. In short it was a privilege to address this enterprise and an honor to recognize the result .

Thanks Mari .