Apartment with a view (of the mountains)

We should then have a paradise on earth, and no need to watch in longing expectation for the paradise in heaven- Paul Scheerbart
70 m2
Completion Date:
Photography & Project by FBAA

Transform a small apartment with traditional plan and finishing of ‘70 in a comfortable and cozy retreat for winter’s weekends, require to properly rearrange the spaces. You know, mountains are particularly colds during winter … and the winter’s equipment requires many spaces. It was therefore necessary to not neglect the space to cram duvets, cushions and coats, allowing to a family with two children to reside freely, without constraints, with the right place to sharing space and intimacy.

The project deleted any unnecessary barriers boundary, substituting whenever possible the necessary partitions with capacious wardrobes, recreating functional partitions which, respecting the modern style of the client, dressing  the warmth of wood, trying to evoke the colors of woodland out there, as visible from the windows.